Psst… Guess what!  If you’re concealing the things you’re doing, then you shouldn’t be doing them.  Be proud of your actions and decisions, proud enough to tell people in conversation.  If you’re NOT secure enough about your actions to talk about them, that’s a sign to stop doing them.

— Kymber's Facebook Post

You know what?  This is all an illusion.  “Jobs”, “currency”, material wants.  You know what’s real:  We breathe, we eat, we love, we feel.  At what point did we think we were bigger than that, better than that, or that it’s not enough?  I’m not religious, but I agree that greed is a sin;  it’s a crime that causes us to create more crimes.  If we all just STOPPED!  TO WAKE UP!  Unveil the lies.  We would have community gardens, we would care for each other’s children, we would stop installing locks on our doors, would have matriarchal governance, we would respect ourselves and our Mother, we would be up with the sun and rest with the moon, we would sing more, dance more, love with truth.  God, all of that is so much better than the cars we drive or the facades we project.  I truly wish and mentally prepare for “detrimental” societal chaos on this earth that erases “debt” and sets every human being on the same level of economic and public standing.  Monkeys being stalked by lions.  Then is when we’ll remember how to share, when we’ll remember that segretation makes no sense in the big picture of human survival.  I wish you all love and connectedness today.

— Kymber Random

Authenticity… Served Well Done, Please

“You have gorgeous eyes!  Are they yours?”  I had this happen to me this week.

I’m flattered!  But what kind of culture do we live in where someone compliments your eyes, and then asks you if they’re actually real?!

Fake is too often an option.  Why is authenticity rare?  I think natural beauty – and realness of whole self – need to be celebrated more.

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