Energy Changes Due To Diet

I’m tired of feeling tired

Never sleeping the whole night through…

sluggish and foggy all day, everyday…

unable to digest foods properly…

depression and mood swings…

body pain…

issues with my joints…



I’m only 30 but I feel like a senior citizen!

Have you been experiencing this, too?

I’ve decided that enough is enough.  I want to feel good again!


For the month of April 2016, I have made the following changes to better my health:

Firstly, cutting out what’s not serving my body:

(and these addictions are hard to break!)

  • No caffeine
  • No alcohol
  • No processed sugars (fruit is okay, but no honey, jam, sweeteners, chocolate, treats, etc)

Secondly, modifying my food into an anti-fungal diet:

More people have fungal and parasitic infections than we care to admit.  Too much fungus in the body can cause athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, bladder infections and yeast infections.

Some fungal-related ailments creep up slowly, and we often don’t notice the effects of a fungal infection until we are ragged.  Do you have chronic fatigue, are you exhausted, is your sex drive lower or gone entirely, do you feel inexplicably and generally ill, are you cranky, is your head foggy, has your attention span changed, do you get cramps after eating, are you bloated after eating, do you have foul gas, do you have diarrhea or constipation?

Me?  Checkmarks across the board.


Ew - Jimmy Fallon



One step at a time

I’m only 5 days into making these changes and ALREADY I’m beginning to feel better.  No more bloating or stomach pain, I’m sleeping better and dreaming again, my head is feeling more clear, and my energy is through the roof!

If this appeals to you in your life please contact me, and let’s chat about it.  I’ll teach you everything I know, and help get you started on the road to feeling great.

Because I love you and I want you to feel good.

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