Makeout Mixtape

In response to my good friend Dustin’s “Makeout Mixtape” post …..

This year, I’m single on V-Day.  Or as I like to call it “Reminder of your lack of relationship day”.  But the topic of Valentine’s day got me thinking about love and romance.  Then my gutter-mind trailed off, remembering past (epic) makeouts, and the music that brought up intense passion.





Yes, I said passion.  You know you got excited about that.  It’s ok; savour it.  In fact, have a listen to my Makeout Mix, imagine yourself in a dimly lit bedroom with a babe of a new flame, and imagine that it’s your first electric gravitational makeout together.

*Excuse me while I take a time out*


Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran

Wow, I can’t even go back to the memories of this one without needing a cigarette.  I think makeouts are the most intense when you’ve got a smooth, breathy love song in the background… Start off slow


Boy With a Coin – Iron and Wine

It’s flowy, it’s breathy, and it’s perfect for making out


Skinny Love – Birdy

This is a cover of the Bon Iver song.  But I like this one wayyyyy better.  It’s so…. *shiver* 


Scream – Kerri Hilson, Nicole Scherzinger, Timbaland

1:55 – 2:10, nuff said


I Know What You Want – Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey

I don’t know if I should even say this…. But it’s MY blog, so I will.  This one reminds me of a cute emo/punk boy, paired with post-adolescent substance-fuelled grinding.  Plus they mention Scully & Mulder, and I have THE HUGEST crush on Agent Fox Mulder.  Double whammy!


I Hate College – Sam Adams

This one helps me imagine that I ever went to college, and lived in residence.  I always had this incredibly fun and sexy fantasy of what living in res would be like for me at the fresh age of 18.  Alas, I backpacked Australia instead.  Very fun, very sexy, very educational, but I still hold that college fantasy world near and dear to my heart.  This song takes me there, and in that universe, I’m rocking the uni life with cute co-eds, living the dream.


212 – Azealia Banks

Haha…. Ughhh…. It’s just so raunchy!!  Perfect for one of those spontaneous, cheeky, we-shouldn’t-do-this, slap-me kind of makeout.  I don’t know about you, but this video makes me want to party… and swear.


Pony – Ginuwine

A long-time sexy favorite.  And then Magic Mike came out, and it amped up an extra notch for me.  *stares off into memory lane and visualizes Channing Tatum on stage*

So that’s my Makeout Mix!  What do you think?  Over the top?  Too tame?  Too wild?
What is YOUR number one favorite makeout song?  Post in the comments section!

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