Be Pro Happiness

United Nations declared March 20th “International Happiness Day“.
Thank goodness they didn’t call it “International Stop The Sadness Day”!



Choose Words Wisely

It’s about time we all start promoting something POSITIVE, rather than trying to fight the negative.  Notice how “anti violence” rallies create more violence, or how “anti drug” protests seem to create a bigger drug problem?  Or when we dislike a certain official, and DON’T want him/her to win an election, and then he/she does?!  That’s because we’re putting our focus into the wrong direction.

Instead of being “anti” something, why not be “pro” its opposite?

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”  – Mother Theresa

Our minds have a hard time distinguishing negatives in a statement.  It is easier for our minds to simply recognize main topic that we’re focusing on.  So when we say “I will not sleep in tomorrow morning”, the mind hears “I will sleep in”.  When we say “Don’t forget to pick up the mail!”, the mind hears “Forget the mail!”.  Much more effective commands would be “I will wake up early tomorrow”, and “Remember to pick up the mail!”.  I dare you:  Test it out on a spouse or friend; speak in the positive.  It works every time.

The same goes with using sarcasm in our language.  Even though we all loooooooove sarcasm (see what I did there?), the brain has to work overtime, in order to understand the real meaning of the message.

So why don’t we all just say what we really mean, and focus on what we really want?  Instead of trying to end what we don’t like… Let’s just create more of what we DO like.  Thank you, United Nations, for getting us started in the right direction!  (And thanks to A Million Smiles for the above video)

“When you focus on something, you’re pouring energy into it, so of course it’s going to expand”  – My buddy Wade A.



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