You Don’t Get To Be Bored


It always amazes me how someone can say they’re “bored”, like as if the world around them isn’t amazing anymore; they’re not able to be amazed anymore.  No, that’s not “bored”, that’s manic depression verging on suicide.  If someone were that far gone, I doubt they would muster the words to express themselves to anyone else and “be a burden on someone”.

Like Louis CK to his kids in the video/audio clip, my mother kicked me off the Boring Bus, and taught me that “bored is not a word in your dictionary”.  And that only idiots get bored… So, when you say you’re bored, people aren’t going to entertain you, they’re just going to think you’re unintelligent (paraphrased, and interpreted by the mind of a child).

I must have really taken her words of wisdom to heart, because it seems like the older I get, the more I am awed by the world around me.  Seriously, some days talking to me is like talking to a child… wearing rose colored glasses… on drugs.  I’ll catch myself staring off at some animate being or inanimate object, my mouth gaping and eyes sparkling, just completely FLOORED by its very act of BEING.  I’ll marvel at paint on the walls, and then wonder about the millions of painters in our history.  Talking to a person whose mind is fun to figure out?  … I’m shaky inside with excitement, and nearly pissing myself because I know what a treat this will be.

“You don’t get to be bored”.  You’re not allowed.  Some might argue that the purpose of life is to BE, to experience, to love, to feel.  If you’re not able to do those things;  If you don’t allow yourself to do those things… What’s the point?  You had might as well go join your depressive-suicidal buddy over there, muttering “I’m bored” under your breath before turning yourself over into your own grave.

Be amazed!

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